You don’t have to want a job as a dancer to do GCSE Dance.

but you do want all of this – whichever job you choose

I wish my medical students could spend some time in the arts. They may be great academics but they can’t stand in front of people and present what they know’

Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon and Professor.

Dance gives young people confidence.

Confidence to present themselves in front of others.

Confidence to be seen and not hide

Confidence to show people what they can do

Dance gives young people problem-solving skills

Working out how to create movement that fits a theme teaches them how to find a solution to a problem

Working out the best exercise to improve a particular skill teaches them how to work on their own weaknesses to achieve

‘By taking ownership and showing initiative,

you’ll stand out in any pack’

GCSE Dance teaches all of this!

‘Businesses, governments, communities, and organizations in general need leaders. I have been consulting to businesses for the past 20 years and the most common problem has been the lack of effective leadership.’

MRG Consulting

Dance gives young people leadership skills.

Is it easy to create movement for a group of people, design them in space, communicate what you need and rehearse them until it’s perfect? GCSE dancers do this all the time!

Leadership skills are skills that encourage innovation and success.

Leaders move up in the world.

and let’s not forget all of these!

Key Skills for Life