The e-learning hub is designed to assist teachers and students of GCSE Dance in preparing for the C2 section of the examination. Here you will find a wealth of online courses and materials to help achieve success!

Subscribe your cohort to the various courses we offer and benefit from these great monitoring and evidence collation features:

  • students can complete the courses independently whether at school or at home
  • teachers can monitor their progress in their user dashboard – see who has completed which task and when –  no more excuses about losing homework!
  • you can even see how much of a task your students have completed and run a report showing their work rate and quiz scores
  • print reports for the whole cohort – perfect for evidence collation for parents, senior management and OFSTED
  • all courses have assignments set for students to complete and upload – and they magically appear in your user dashboard as well, ready to download and mark.

Our courses cover all aspects of the C2 written paper with progressive content lessons and self test quizzes. Once courses are complete, students can print off a completion certificate as evidence.

So what’s covered? Read on…

Section A. Performance Skills and Choreographic Processes: Our modules cover physical and expressive skills with definition content and ways to devise exercises to improve your performance. Other activities look at motif and development and other all important choreographic devices.

Section B. Your Own WorkChoose modules on performance and choreography to learn how to describe your own work from C1. There are hypothetical choreography modules giving you methods and strategies for answering this type of question.

Section C. Anthology: This set of modules covers all six Anthology works in short doses. Take the costume module for Artificial Things for example – or the motif development module for Shadows.  There are describing modules and explaining modules linking to choreographic intent and stimulus. There are modules focusing on building a discoursive answer, modules on identifying key features. Lots of quizzes, editable downloads and the more you do, the more certificates you earn!

Writing for the extended questions: The C2 exam requires students to be able to select and apply their knowledge, discuss, explain and sometimes evaluate. This set of modules takes them through a step by step approach to digging deeper to consider all the evidence they can use in an answer. Assignments are a key feature of these modules. Upload them to the hub and they will ping through automatically to the teacher.

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