Section C

Topic Progress:

The Anthology is the collection of 6 professional dances that you are studying for your GCSE Dance. These are:

A Linha Curva [Itzik Galili for Rambert Dance Company]

Artificial Things [Lucy Bennett for Stopgap Dance Company]

Emancipation of Expressionism [Kenrick Sandy for Boy Blue]

Infra [Wayne McGregor for The Royal Ballet]

Shadows [Christopher Bruce for Phoenix Dance Theatre]

Within Her Eyes [James Cousins for James Cousins Dance]

Here you will be tested on 4 of the 6 works in the Anthology. You will not be warned of which 4 these will be prior to the exam.

You could be asked about anything related to the 4 works, but you are unlikely to be asked about specific sections. Instead, it is more likely that you will be asked to select elements of the works that communicate or show:

choreographic intent


The elements you will be asked to discuss could be any of the following:

set design

lighting design


aural setting


choreographic content

performance environment

choreographic approach

What is ‘choreographic intent‘?

The term ‘choreographic intent’ or ‘choreographic intention’ covers these things



movement style

meaning or dance idea

What is ‘choreographic content‘?

The term ‘choreographic content’ covers these things:

movement : action, space, dynamics, relationships, motifs

choreographic devices


What is ‘choreographic approach‘?

The term ‘choreographic approach’ means the way a choreographer builds a dance. This might include:


setting choreographic tasks for the dancers to complete

teaching movement motifs to the dancers

using improvisation

using chance methodology

using research

collaborating with the dancers and production team